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POCONO SEARCH & RESCUE, INC. (PSAR) is a not for profit organization of highly trained volunteers dedicated to providing 24 hour search and rescue assistance at the request of responsible agencies. PSAR is also dedicated to providing Community Service with prevention programs like “Hug-a-Tree.”

The PSAR Team is comprised of specially trained and experienced volunteer members fully equipped in nearly all terrain and environmental conditions, night search, and extended operations. While PSAR is accepting new members, all members must undergo continued training so dedication and time is required. Team members are required to participate in drills each month. Members will have out of pocket expenses for personal equipment and travel expenses on occasion depending on where the search mission is located.

Professional Affiliations
PSAR members maintain professional relationships with other search and rescue organizations, such as the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council, Monroe County Emergency Management Office, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association. These affiliations help provide the most current training, adequate search resources and also establish guidelines for training levels.

PSAR is a Level I accredited team with the Pa SAR Council.

Cooperative Training
PSAR regularly conducts cooperative training with various emergency, law enforcement, and government agencies. This is done in an effort to promote the value and availability of professional search and rescue resources.

Training and Equipment
PSAR has various specialties within the team, such as K-9, Equestrian, Water Rescue, High Angle Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, and Emergency Medical Care. All members are encouraged to attend classes at the county fire academy to attain these specialties. These classes are usually free or at a very low cost due to the team’s involvement with the county’s OES office. All members of the team have specific training in search management, first aid, CPR, land navigation, technical rescue, wilderness survival, and communications. Many have state certifications in various related disciplines. PSAR members come fully equipped in nearly all weather and terrain conditions, including night and extended search operations.

PSAR Capabilities:

Wilderness Search and Rescue

Wilderness Evacuation/ Extrication

Rope Rescue- Low Angle and High Angle

Water Rescue/ Ice Rescue/ Flood Evacuation

Structural Collapse/ Trench Rescue Support

Communications- UHF, VHF, HAM Radio, Portable UHF repeater

Emergency Operations Support Functions

Light Urban Search and Rescue

Disaster Response

Medical Personnel- EMTs and Emergency Responders

Downed Aircraft Location

Pocono SAR can help any Police, Fire, EMS and Emergency Management Agency with almost any siutation.  Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

For more information on PSAR, please CONTACT US.